cosine High Energy Optic Systems

The Silicon Pore Optics (SPO) X-Ray and Gamma Ray optical system, developed by cosine for the European Space Agency, offers significant advantages for a variety of applications.

cosine is also expert in glass micropore optics technology and can develop and deliver systems based on these ultra-low mass X-ray optics. cosine is also knowledgable regarding many other, both traditional and more modern, X-ray technologies, including X-ray diffraction and imaging spectroscopy. With its expertise in X-ray technologies, cosine can solve your X-ray imaging, focussing, modelling and analysis challenges.
SPO stack

Our products

Advanced measurement equipment for a variety of markets


Silicon Pore Optics (SPO)

High quality X-ray mirrors. Due to the hollow pores the most lightweight high quality X-ray optics that currently exists.

This is the optics selected for the ESA ATHENA project.

X-Ray interferometry

Combining interferometry in combination with Silicon Pore Optics, cosine HEO can deliver optics with unprecedented angular precision.

Laue Lens

For very hard X-Ray/Gamma Ray applications and shorter focal lengths, a Laue lens can be an efficient alternative method of focussing.

High-energy optics simulation

Quickly determine realistic system performances and features