About cosine HEO

development and production

High Energy Team

The cosine team has over 20 years of experience in developing and producing High Energy Optics Solutions.

With its unique Silicon Pore Optics technology we are able to deliver complete measurement systems for the gamma-ray and X-ray spectrum.

Our passionate team of specialists is dedicated to co-develop and produce solutions for the future.

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cosine for Smart Solutions

cosine High Energy Optics is part of the cosine family, including cosine Measurement Systems and cosine Innovations.

cosine has successfully been involved in finding innovative solutions for technological problems ranging from aerospace technology in service of the European Space Agency to inspection systems for the food industry.

cosine’s clients, industrial and institutional, are not only impressed by the ideas that we propose, but also by the short timeframe that we require to turn these ideas into prototypes or products.

We offer you the smartest innovative solution and the fastest road to an operative product.