HEO custom services

knowledge tailored to your needs

cosine High Energy Optics can develop full measurement systems, or support you in your development project.

During any part of the development project, cosine is capable of helping you or performing the development or production tasks needed. Full custom systems can be developed by us, in full cooperation with you, or if you require this based on requirements as input alone.

For hybrid systems or systems not in the high energy range, please refer to cosine Measurement Systems

Concept Creation Support

cosine HEO has extensive experience in the creative task of developing new concepts based on customer requirements.

Product development consultancy

cosine HEO experience in developing products can be accessed in the form of consultative services.

Feasibility studies

cosine HEO can perform your feasibility studies. This includes evaluation of capability, production and cost.


cosine is able to functionally prototype your instrument for proof of concept creation or testing.

Measurement Systems Development

cosine has experience in developing complete measurement system for customers. Alternatively, we can provide consultancy services.


cosine takes care of the complete industrialization, manages the complete process or consult on parts of it.

Production support

cosine can support you in your production of precise instruments, by aiding you in steps such as alignment and calibration.

Quality & Reliability

cosine has very strict Quality Control, which you benefit from when cosine develops for you. You can also acces this capability through consulting.