cosine Warmond

cosine has moved to a new location in Warmond in 2016, to the north of The Hague in The Netherlands. It’s only a 12 min drive from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

In this beautiful new location, we have realized the space needed to perform full mass production on X-ray optics. The clean rooms cover an area of over 300 m2.

Development facilities

cosine has access to significant development space, this includes separate cleanrooms for:

  • Plate cleaning
  • Plate stacking
  • Mirror Module integration
  • Optical development
  • Optical integration, testing and Q/C

Within these cleanrooms, cosine develops techniques for quality control such as fringe reflection techniques, interferometric analysis, and laser scanning. A significant amount of robotics is present, which performs all handling of the stacks, from grabbing them to stacking them, and to discarding plates that are not of sufficient quality. All robotics are unique and designed in house.

Aside from the cleanroom spaces there are optical and electronic integration spaces for other components, and a full development capability for measurement systems outside of the high energy range such as hyperspectral, thermal, and altimetric instruments, which are available through cosine measurement systems (for more information see cosine.nl).

Availability of significant optical table space allows for many setups and technologies to be developed concurrently.