Very high angular resolution imaging

The XRI is an X-Ray interferometer under development, capable of detecting angular differences as small as 1 millionth of  a arcsecond.

This technology is based on the Silicon Pore Optics and is created in cooperation with the Leicester university as an additional configuration for (space based) X-ray telescopes.


  • Distinction of two close celestial X-Ray sources
  • Exact localization of X-ray sources from a large distance


  • Material properties identical to Silicon Pore Optics
    • Very lightweight
    • Very strong
  • Capable of integration of very large lenses (meter scale) and/or very large separation.
  • Current angular resolution: 1/1.000.000 arcsec


  • XRI has TRL 3
  • Lead time prior to production 10 months


  • XRI Brochure available soon

For more information please

Contact Dipl.-Ing Max Collon.